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Obesity rates doubled worldwide, new studies revealed

According to three new studies, worldwide obesity rates have doubled in the last 3 decades. Studies show that people in America are the heaviest and people in Japan are slimmest.

According to Majid Ezzati, professor of public health at Imperial College London, being obese is no longer a western problem. According to obesity study, 297 million women and 205 million men worldwide are weighted as obese, and another 1.5 billion adults were overweight.

Studies shows that this rate of increasing obesity among people is really very high and people should start taking care of their body, they should start up with some fitness program like P90x program and also start taking proper P90x diet plan. Following a good diet plan not just reduces obesity in obese people but will also keep fit those people who are not obese but are overweight.

According to Ezzati, waistlines are already expanding in parts of Latin America, the Middle East, and Western and Southern Africa. The U.S. had the highest average body mass Index among rich countries, at 28 whereas rates were the lowest in Japan, ranging between 22 for women and 24 for men.

Thus need to take care of health is even more important now and everyone should be aware of the fact that without proper nutritional diet and fitness program, they can’t remain fit.