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The RSNA has established a Radiology Reporting Committee to identify and promote "best practices" in radiology reporting. The Committee, part of the Radiology Informatics Committee, includes radiologists and imaging informatics experts. The Reporting Committee is closely linked to RSNA's Quality Improvement Committee and RadLex® Steering Committee.

Background Reading

  • Towards best practices in radiology reporting. Radiology 2009 [in press].


  • June 2008: RSNA convened a workshop to plan the future of radiology reporting. More than 50 radiologists, medical informatics specialists, and representatives of cardiology, oncology, and pathology participated.
  • March 2009: Formed 12 subcommittees to create templates for specific clinical areas in collaboration with subspecialty professional organizations.
  • May 2009: Held an industry forum for radiology reporting vendors, attended by 20 vendor representatives.
  • December 2009: Planned availability of a small RSNA library of structured reporting templates, freely available for downloading and use.

Reporting Template Guidelines

We have developed report template guidelines for use by template authors. The templates will be converted to a format that is compatible with the HL7 Clinical Document Architecture standard. Concepts in each template will be mapped to RSNA RadLex and other controlled vocabularies.


We are constructing a bibliography of structured reporting in radiology.