RSNA Radiology Reporting Initiative

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RSNA Radiology Reporting Initiative

The RSNA has established a Radiology Reporting Committee to identify and promote "best practices" in radiology reporting. The Committee, part of the Radiology Informatics Committee, includes radiologists and imaging informatics experts.

Background Reading

  • Towards best practices in radiology reporting. Radiology 2009 [in press].

A radiology report is the official record documenting the contribution of a radiologist to a patient's care. The use of structured reports and a common lexicon will help referring physicians better understand the contents of reports. These same features in electronic health records will enable radiologists to mine reports for utilization management information as well as form the basis for clinical investigations.


  • June 2008: RSNA convened a workshop to plan the future of radiology reporting. More than 50 radiologists, medical informatics specialists, and representatives of cardiology, oncology, and pathology participated.
  • May 2009: RSNA held a reporting industry forum.