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These data will be used to index entries in the library of reporting templates.

  • Accession Number

  • Title
    • e.g., "Noncontrast head CT for headache"

  • Descriptors
    • Imaging modality (e.g., "CT")
    • Anatomy ("Head")
    • Procedure ("Head CT without Contrast")
      • CPT codes
    • Clinical indications ("Headache")
      • ICD codes
    • Exceptions / contraindications
    • RadLex codes
    • RSNA content codes ("CT, NR")

  • Author name(s)
    • RSNA member number(s), if available
  • Publisher(s) / sponsoring organization(s)

  • Digital object identifier (DOI)
  • Version number

  • Date released
  • Date published
  • Date(s) reviewed
    • may be multiple if an organization reviews a template and leaves it unaltered
  • Date withdrawn / superceded
    • Accession number of new version

  • Notes
  • Related URL

  • Template