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Whether you work from home or you would just like to be more organised, the right office supplies can make your work much easier. , Since you are the only one using these supplies, you can't depend on someone else noticing when things run out. , Keeping a cabinet well stocked with basic office supplies and stationery will help you to maintain a more organised work area and keep track of what you need. Even when you are not working, you can use these essentials around your home at anytime.

1. Stationery is a vital way of expressing yourself and your business. You can make it more professional by having a logo printed on your stationery or use a more neutral color for both business and leisure. Envelopes can also be printed with logos or can be matched with the paper used. Stationery comes in all colours and patterns. You will also need a good supply of stamps to send your letters in the mail.

2. Pens and highlighters in a variety of colors can be used to highlight or accent things that need noticing or to stand out. You will find that when working or not, it is a must to have several ink pens handy.

3. Pencils and a pencil sharpener will come in handy when jotting on your Post It Notes. You can stick Post It Notes to anything for easy remembering. You will find using a pencil while doing rough drafts so much easier than using pens. You won't have to start over, just erase it. Also, you will save on paper when using pencils.

4. Paper clips can make your office look neater. By placing loose papers together, it will give it a look of less chaos and clutter. It can also help you to keep important papers together without using staples.

5. By having a stapler, you can bind papers together with the security of knowing that they will not come loose. You will also need a stapler remover and staples.

6. Tape and rubber bands can also help you to keep things together. When using tape, a tape dispenser is handy but not required. Tape can be used on letters, wrapping presents or other projects. Rubber bands are not used as often but are nice to have on hand.

7. A hole puncher is necessary if you plan on having ring binders around. You can find hole punchers with one, two, or three punchers for different tasks.

8. Notebooks and computer paper are the most used items in an office. Having an ample supply of both will ensure that you never get behind on your tasks. Notebooks can be used for notes, lists and tasks at hand. Computer paper not only will give you copies and printouts, but will also serve as stationery if you ever run out.

9. If you have a filing cabinet, folders or files should be put on your list of office supplies. These will not only organize your filing cabinet, but will make it much easier to keep track of the things that are in them. Files come in different shapes, colors and sizes to suit your needs. You can find hanging files if you want a more open filing system. Some come with clasps inside to help you keep the contents neater.

10. Having an extra ink cartridge on hand is a must. You don't want to run out in the middle of that important project. When you order ink cartridges, it is best to order extra since it takes a while to have them shipped to you.

As you can see, office supplies are not just used in the office anymore. We are continuously finding more and more ways to make our lives easier by using basic office supplies around our homes.