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A Diamond Fact The first diamond ring was given to Mary of Burgundy on her behalf betrothal to Archduke Maximilian within the 15th Century. , He desired to bestow on her an appreciation token to celebrate and fortunately for girls, he decided on a spectacular diamond ring. So, we're in good company.

Everlasting Love Simply take phone wonderful wedding rings below. They personify the skill, expertise and pure design quality of the Australian artisan who built them into.

Bellina Safina Monet 4 

As a token of everlasting love, your diamond engagement ring has to be totally perfect and unique to both of you. In the end, diamonds you choose will require you thru life until your Diamond Anniversary and beyond, when hopefully, we'll see you at 'My Diamonds' again.

Received thought is the fact that an engagement ring will cost the purchaser about one month's salary. Research indicates that this probably true with a percentage raising the stakes to 2 months salary and beyond.

This can be a substantial outlay in anyone's language and so the decision must be one which you're both completely happy with. Also, you have to be reassured that you have carried out your homework and you are generally up to date in your knowledge of diamonds.

Step one Browse the articles about the My Diamonds website. The articles are exist for you and to give you a minimum of a background knowledge of the kind of diamond you need to choose and why. Make sure you read the article concerning the 4C's grading principles and also the importance they have within the buying of your ring and the article on conflict diamonds which will ensure that your diamond is not sourced from those areas of conflict being supported by diamond sales.

Step 2 Decide how much you need to pay. Associated with pension transfer large purchases you should be comfortable with the amount you invest in the diamond. If you've done your homework and browse the GIA Diamond Grading report unique to your diamond you can be sure that you will receive value for money. In time, your fianc閑's ring will increase in value. If you've chosen well, you can't fail having a diamond.

Step 3 Allow her to own good taste show you. Solitaires account for 76% of all purchases of diamond rings. When you start to look for the perfect ring take her very own taste into consideration. She may prefer a ring styled inside a classic design or maybe she's a ladies who prefers a conventional or more flamboyant design. The ring should reflect your excellent style of choosing her for the future wife and her individual style of jewellery style.

Most people have seen the romantic movie where the hero presents his heroine having a ring because he gets down on one knee. What we aren't seeing is the look of sheer disappointment when the ring isn't to her taste. And this one has to be right. She will wear it throughout her lifetime. Our advice: Involve her in the decision. It might not reflect the dream you had for presenting it to her but she'll thank you in the end.

Step four Buying from a showroom you can trust. At 'My Diamonds' we carry among the largest selections of quality diamonds you will find online. Whichever country you're in, buying your diamond online implies that you have access to huge amounts of engagement diamond rings. Like a purchaser you have to be certain that you're buying from the company that's as enthusiastic about diamonds as we are, that provides clients absolute quality and checkable grading reports, that can confidently offer diamonds which have not been sourced from conflict zones and that provide you with an unequivocal 100% money back guarantee. At 'My Diamonds' we can give you all those assurances, together with an extensive showroom of diamonds that we are delighted to offer you.

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Step six Place your gorgeous choice of diamond ring on her finger. The love token saying...forever!