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Looking for gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and even mother day can be a bit difficult and at times monotonous if you think about the usual flowers, chocolates and teddy bears. , Why not go overboard, be creative and try to surprise your loved ones with bracelets. , Wait! Not just any bracelets but the Gold Charm Bracelet! Charm bracelets have these personal decorative pendants or trinkets that signify important things and events in a wearer life that is collected as years go by.

Where did charm bracelets come from? During the earlier times, Pre- historic men would create charms made from shells and animal bones to adorn themselves. In Egypt, charms were used as symbols of faith and luck. Charms were also created to ward off bad luck while others use it to identify themselves as part of a group. Knights wore charms to lead them to victory. Queen Victoria wore charm bracelets which started a fashion statement among European noble classes. In the early 1960 American teenagers would collect charm that represent events in their lives. During the year 2000, collectors looked out and paid for vintage charms which became popular.

Nowadays, charm bracelets became a symbol of fashion and elegance. They are made from precious elements such as Gold and Silver. There are different styles a wearer could choose from. Gold Charm Bracelet are made with double solid links that provides long lasting wear. It comes with a 7, 8 and 9 inch lengths. Custom lengths can also be requested to suit children as well. Chains come in different styles such as round link, oval link, double link, anchor link and the new magnetic clasp. There are a lot of exciting styles to choose from, and professional jewellers can attach the bracelet charms that suit your preferences. Gold Charm Bracelets can be given as anniversary gifts, charms to collect can be of wedding bells, doves, and other symbols that would represent the stages of their relationships. It is also a good gift to your daughter as she grows up and collects charms that signify important events in her life. To choose from a variety of designs, search the internet for online jewellery shops. They offer information and specific details and will even entertain questions about custom made designs.