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Listed below are a few 3d movie reviews of those films that have fascinated the audience with their brilliant use of the three dimensional technique to make the movie a visual treat. ,

Let's start with the one that has successfully brought about a revolution in 3d movies ?Avatar. , This movie absolutely brought alive the world of Pandora with its so human like aliens. It made good use of the 3d effect, though probably not the best as some scenes actually appeared quite flat. Maybe the hype preceding the movie worked a little, maybe the fact that it was a James Cameron movie worked to further increase those expectations, whatever it was, Avatar sure did live upto it. With not too great story line but, definitely interesting characters, Avatar created a sensation solely on the strength of its brilliant visuals.

Another greatly hyped movie in 3d was Alice in Wonderland which did well at Box office. However, Alice herself was the most disappointing, Tweedle Dee and Dum and Absolem were portrayed quite well. The strength of the movie however lay in its cast led by Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. All said, it was quite an engaging and enjoyable movie to watch.

Shrek Forever After is a movie that had brilliant 3d visuals. The entire movie with its script, characters, dialogue and visuals was just perfect. A hilarious film with amazing scenes, it'sa must watch for movie lovers and especially for those who watching them in 3d.

Tron Legacy however failed to live upto the expectations. Its use of the 3d technique was nothing great with characters and faces appearing totally flat at times. The movie was kind of enjoyable but definitely could have been much better.

Legends of the Guardians was again another one with superb 3d visuals. The characters were nothing out of the ordinary apart from the little owl and neither were the dialogues great, but both were compensated for with extraordinary visuals. Under the Sea could probably give the Legends a run for their money with regard to their use of 3d! A priceless film with spectacular visions, it'sa must watch for all.